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Big Island Collection
  1. Warm
    WARM: Water temps above 64ºF/10ºC. Moderate adhesion/tackiness. Somewhat harder to stay in application area without migrating. Excellent on paddles within recommended temp range. Easily thickens to permit finger indexing.
  2. Tropical Traction™
    TROPICAL TRACTION™: Water temps above 70ºF/21ºC. High adhesion/tackiness. Denser/harder to avoid flow/migration in highest temp ranges. Will not become gummy or stick to hands. Well suited to warmest water paddlers/surfers and equatorial regions.
  3. SUP Anti-Sweat™ Grip
    SUP (Stand Up Paddle) ANTI-SWEAT™: Moderate adhesion/tackiness. Moderate density/hardness. Displaces water & sweat. Great All-Temp/All-Purpose formula. Thickens easily, wont flake or migrate, not messy.
Suitable for novice to elite athletes!
Polar Collection
  1. Cold Paddle Grip
    COLD: Water temps below 64ºF/10ºC. Highest adhesion/tackiness. Softer to retain controlled flow and maximum adhesion in colder temps. Effective under gloves & poggies. Especially easy to thicken. May flow/migrate from paddle grip area in temps above recommended range.
Revolutionary Grip!
Weekend Warrior
    Add Sports Grip to tool!